A Healing Place | A Growing Place

Recent studies have indicated that it is not uncommon for an alcoholic or drug addict to repeat treatment three and four times with disappointing results.

As valuable as 12 Step groups are, many alcoholics and addicts find they want more than "clean and sober."  They long for healing - real healing: the kind that results in a change of lifestyle.

In 2006, Westgate Chapel (http://www.westgatechapel.com) opened New Heart Place on a five (5) parcel in the Echo Lake area of Snohomish County.  

The vision of New Heart Place is to see men and their families healed, whole, healthy, and passionate about living the rest of lives as authentic disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is not "clean and sober;" although living a life of sobriety and freedom from the sinister grip of drug addiction is certainly a byproduct of the New Heart Place program goal: becoming a "man of God."

Our mission is to offer an accessible twelve (12) month, residential program to adult men seeking sustainable freedom from a lifestyle of addiction. 

For more information, please visit our New Heart Place website: www.newheartplace.com