Five Program Phases

Induction Phase | Preparing for Life at New Heart Place

The first four (4) of a student's experience at New Heart Place is focused on three primary goals:


For anyone who has spent any time in a small boat, standing up, or making any "large moves," can disrupt the stability of the boat.  If the little boat cannot be stabilized, the consequence comes in the form of someone getting wet.

For many New Heart Place inductees, entering into a residential community is not unlike "standing up in the small boat of their life."  It takes awhile to adjust psychologically,relationally, and physiologically (some inductees enter the program toxic from using their "drug of choice.")


New Heart Place is a community - a family - united around the common goal of pursuing relationship with Jesus Christ and the healing only He can bring into a broken life. Throughout the Induction Phase, Pastor Mike and Rita, Charlie and Margie, and Jay and Julie (The Resident Ministry Team) work very hard at assimilating the new student into the New Heart Place Community.

In addition the New Heart Place community, each new student is assimilated into the community of faith at Westgate Chapel. 


As in any residential program, New Heart Place has a schedule that informs when meals are prepared and served, household and personal chores are completed, and program groups and studies are completed.

In the Induction Phase, the Resident Ministry Team guides the new student through an initiation to all of the program elements.

Phase One | Learning to Follow Jesus

When Jesus called His first disciples, His invitation was simple and direct: "Come and follow Me and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19).  The next verse in Matthew 4 says simply, "At once they left their nets and followed Him." (Matthew 4:20)

Through a variety of experiences and curriculum combined with one-on-one counseling and coaching, the New Heart Place student is prayerfully guided through what it means to be an authentic disciple of Jesus Christ in the 21st century.

Phase Two | Growing Strong in Christ

Phase Two asks the critical question: "What does it mean to be strong?"  For many in our culture, the answer often involves muscular, financial or leadership characteristics.  

But, strength according to the Word of God has more to do a man's character than the make of car he drives or the amount of square footage he may occupy.  

Phase Two offers the New Heart Place student an opportunity to grow strong in faith and character intentionally dependent on the leadership and power of the Holy Spirit for every decision, every relationship.

Phase Three | Standing in the Power

By Phase Three, the majority of New Heart Place students have developed a lifestyle pattern wherein they have learned to stand fully dependent on God's grace and the power of the Holy Spirit.

In Phase Three, the New Heart Place student returns to the marketplace with a part-time job and an opportunity to test his responses to the challenges of living life outside the protected environment of New Heart Place.

In anticipation of his return to life outside of New Heart Place, Phase Three focuses on working with the relationships of married students and guiding the students through the development of a personal budget.

Phase Four | Walking Whole and Free

At the close of Phase Three, the New Heart Place officially graduates the New Heart Place program and in so doing receives a membership in The Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood is a fraternity of New Heart Place graduates meeting a regular basis for encouragement, accountability and an opportunity to give back to the New Heart Place community.