A Partnership on a Mission

It's Time for Something More

Scattered throughout the State of Washington are over 5,000 churches serving the Savior in the cities and towns to which they have been called.  The pastors of those churches have prayed over those communities passionate about seeing the Gospel of Jesus impact their city, their town.

For many pastors, the theological education they received in seminary has left them ill-equipped to respond to the burgeoning population of the broken and hurting.  Too many pastors feel overwhelmed with the issues of alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, and the various expressions of sexual addition impacting their churches, the people they love and serve.

While we are all grateful for the work of the Salvation Army, Union Gospel Mission, Teen Challenge, and other organizations like them, there remains in the heart of many pastors a longing to see Jesus heal the broken and hurting within the context of their own church.  

Today, many denominational pastors have resources available to help them respond to the issues of the broken and hurting.  Celebrate Recovery is an excellent resource for non-denominational churches seeking to offer a biblical 12-Step program to those seeking freedom from addiction.  

New Heart Ministry offers a local church pastor an opportunity to develop a ministry to the broken and hurting that is identified with his local church.  

A Vision for a Partnership on a Mission

The New Heart Network has been born out of a dream - a vision - to unite churches and pastors passionate about reaching the broken and hurting in their ministry area with the powerful, healing message of the Gospel.

The mission of the New Heart Network is to make New Heart Healing and Recovery Ministries accessible to the broken and hurting of the State of Washington by training and resourcing local church leadership for a collaborative ministry.