Pastor, May We Serve You Breakfast?

Are you interested in exploring the possibility of opening a New Heart Ministry as a part of your local church ministry?

Do you have questions?

Periodically, the New Heart Network offers Pastor's Introductory Breakfasts at Westgate Chapel in Edmonds.  The breakfasts will begin promptly at 8 AM and conclude at 9:30 AM.  We as pastors are keenly aware of the demands on your schedule.

In the hour-and-a-half you are with us, we will introduce you to the following:
  • The Vision and Mission of New Heart Ministries
  • The Names and Faces of New Heart Ministries
  • The Typical Format of a Local Church New Heart Ministry
  • The Truth and the Issue Curriculum
  • The Steps Toward Opening a New Heart Ministry 
If you are interested in attending our next Pastor's Introductory Breakfast, please call or email me:
Pastor Ron Brooks
(425) 775.2776