Power of God

"Worthy are you, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power"

(Revelation 4:11)

As I studied Revelation 4, this verse caught my eye. We are so used to giving God the Glory. And we are no strangers to giving God the Honor. But Power? Really? God receives power? Why does God need to receive power, isn't He already all powerful?

Well think about this:
We give power to unforgiveness;
     We give power to our finances;
          We give power to peer pressure;
               We give power to worry and fear and anger;
                    We give power to the lies of the enemy;
and we actually give the enemy power over our baggage - in the choices we make.

As human beings we have the God-given authority to give the power to whatever and whomever we choose!

Shouldn't we be giving GOD the power??? We're use to giving God the Glory and we're used to giving God the Honor, but how often do we give God the Power? 

The only way we can give God the power is by keeping our eyes fixed on Him-- through worship, the Word, and obedience--and in the power of the Holy Spirit!


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