Welcome to New Heart Ministries

We are a family of ministries united around the promise articulated in Ezekiel 36:26 (TLB):

"I will give you a New Heart
with New and Right Desires, 

and I will put a New Spirit in you."

That simple, yet profound, promise is offered to every alcoholic sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is presented as a lifeline of hope to every addict caught in the grip of an opiate or stimulant addiction. Just think about it for a moment:

  • A New Heart
  • New and Right Desires
  • A New Spirit

Suddenly, the standard for recovery is raised above "clean and sober."  For the first time in a long time there's hope: hope that my past no longer has to define my future.

New Heart Ministries is an Experience in Healing and Recovery Ministries available in six (6) locations throughout the Puget Sound Region.

New Heart Ministries is New Heart Place: a 12-18 month residential discipleship program for adult men seeking lasting freedom from a lifestyle of addiction.

New Heart Ministries is a network of local churches who have united together to offer intentional, local church based Christ-centered ministry to the broken and hurting.

New Heart Ministries is a foundation whose mission is to resource ministries strategically designed to offer intentional ministry to the broken and hurting.  

The New Heart family of ministries is available to respond to you:

  • If you are looking for hope and healing, New Heart Healing and Recovery offers you prayer, groups, worship, and relationship.
  • If you are an alcoholic or addict that just can't seem to get "traction" in your recovery, New Heart Place offers you an opportunity to develop a lifestyle free of addiction and marked with the Presence of God.
  • If you are a pastor or ministry leader concerned about the broken and hurting in your congregation and ministry area, New Heart Network offers you support, training and practical tools in the development of a New Heart Ministry.


Westgate Chapel New Heart Ministry

22901 Edmonds Way | Edmonds, WA
Families of the Addicted | Women's Issues Men's Issues | Drugs & Alcohol Group
Mondays | 7-9 PM, Childcare  
t. (425) 954-7449


Philadelphia Church New Heart Ministry

7704 24th Ave NW | Ballard, WA
Men's Issues | Men's Substance Abuse Women's Issues | Women's Substance Abuse
Mondays | 6 - 8 PM,
t. (206) 406-3436


Park Ridge Community New Heart Ministry

3805 Maltby Rd | Bothell | WA 98012
Families of the Addicted | Drugs & Alcohol Group | Men's Issues | Women's Issues
Wednesday | 6:45pm,
t. (425) 822-8921


Sonrise Christian Center New Heart Ministry

11625 Airport Rd
Everett, WA   98204
t. 425-355-9129


Hope Christian Georgetown New Heart Ministry

6606 Carleton Ave S
Seattle, WA   98108
t. 2062441399

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